Introducing our 3D Animal Towel – a masterpiece of indulgence and functionality.

Crafted from ultra-fine fibers, this towel is a testament to modern luxury. With a remarkable water absorption rate of 16-20 seconds, it effortlessly embraces moisture, leaving you comfortably dry in moments.

And let’s not forget the adorable 3D animal design that graces this towel – a delightful addition that kids will absolutely love. Turning drying into an imaginative adventure, this design adds a touch of joy to every use.

Whether it’s after a rejuvenating shower or a dip in the pool, our 3D Animal Towel guarantees a pampering like no other. Choose the pinnacle of comfort, performance, and playful design

Size : 70 x 140cm

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Boy, Girl


Bear, Koala, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Sheep


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